4th of July

It wouldn't be a proper American trip if we hadn't gone out for the Independence Day!

Parade in Downtown

4thAnchorage's Delaney Park Strip is the right place to begin. 10 am and the parade is here! Or at least that's what we can suppose because we are late as usual...But...10:29 we are on the spot and we are joining the crowd to watch all performers. And honestly...very strange creatures are passing by...

...male majorette...


...invisible dogs...


But then comes our favourite part! Caaaars.....


...and motorbikes!


All Americans are dressed in national colours, everyone is waving a flag and sharing the national spirit and enthusiasm. Small girls are wearing cute fluffy blue, red or white skirts, mums and dads are hardly walking and waving flags with their fatty arms and even the dogs are dressed properly for this occasion!4thhh

...and much more!

And how to conclude that American day? First pizza in Moose's Tooth and then baseball! Anchorage Bucks v. Anchorage Glacier Pilots! We picked the most beautiful player, started to support his team and that was our winner - Anchorage Bucks, congratulations! (N. 19 ♥)44thhSo all in all...nice day! Perhaps I had a slightly different idea about the American Independence celebrations, maybe it was just because of Alaska that the celebrations were not so big (it is still a small community). But in the end we absorbed the American mood anyway and our hearts started to feel at least a little bit this way.


July 4, 2016

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