How to transport in a Forrest? Try a Tram!

That hiking is a boring outdoor activity? You just walk, it is slow, you have to carry all your things with you... Yes, that's what I was like before I came to Alaska. But now? I am really enjoyng it! And what's more, they put attractions even to forrest paths (in case Alaskan landscape is not enough).

Winner Creek Trail

Remember Nathan from my First Alaskan Hike story? The great guy who helped us to our first hike here? So after we climbed the Wolverine Peak and survived the Crow Pass together, here comes another adventure!winnerrr


When I was talking about Nathan for the first time, I forgot to mention his super car... As a front passenger you can enjoy really good fun! Anytime you get in the car, and you close the door, the car fastens the seatbelt around you by itself! And don't imagine it like a super modern car. This one is pretty old, the window is falling out and in 50% times it doesn't start. - but the seatbelt! I totally understand why he doesn't want to get rid of it. Even though he can't enjoy that pleasure as a driver...

Alyeska Resort

This time we were driving South of Anchorage on the Seward Highway. We stopped after an hour at Alyeska Resort. A huge complex of trails and a ski areal in winter. We picked one of those and started hiking. It was a nicely maintained trail in the woods, apparently very populart, a lot of people were there.

Want to move? Need to work out!

At one point, you approach the creek and the only way how to get over is by a tram. But not an ordinary tram but a hand tram! And if you want to move, you have to involve your muscles! You have to pull the rope and that's the way you move. And don't look down if you are afraid of heights!winnerr

Salmon Berries

I am really glad I had Nathan with me, it was really quite a hard job to move! So... I was just taking pictures and he was working:) We got to the other side of the creek, I lost my camera lense, I found my camera lense and we went back to the first side again.winner  Alyeska Resort is located in the middle of woods, a huge hotel as a center point and a starter point to many different activities. So it is definitely worth going - just when you consider you can even find plenty of blueberries and salmon berries!   


July 3, 2016

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