Summer Solstice Festival

Summer Solstice is coming and although the longest day comes with June 21, the Anchorage celebration broke out already on June 18!

Celebration of the Longest Day

solsticeWalking through Anchorage Downtown streets today was very different compared to the casual days. Roads were closed for cars, it was all open just for pedestrians, all place was taken by stands with food, sweets and other goods, you could have seen musicians and other performers and the whole city was just alive and ready to welcome the summer!

Walking aroundskate

I had a lot of time. And I decided just to enjoy and soak up the atmosphere. All people were in a good mood, everyone was happy, so although crossing the streets alone I was feeling as in a good company.I came just in time to see the skateboard exhibition, which just amazed me. Anchorage street guys - I take my hat off to you! [caption id="attachment_714" align="alignleft" width="300"]ZDROJ: Facebook, The Vinyl Floors ZDROJ: Facebook, The Vinyl Floors (illustrative photo)[/caption]Apart from visual show I enjoyed Anchorage sounds as well! Across the road opposite Hard Rock Café there was a podium where some local bands held their performance. What I enjoyed the most was a concert of young guys who called themselves "The Vinyl Floors". This gang consisting of four young energetic guys just made my day. Try them as well and visit their Fan Page on Facebook


Did you see that?!

Although the concept of the festival was moreless similar to what I know and what I am used to, there were some things which really surprised me! And they all happened to be in the kids fun part.Want to leave your kid play in the sandpit? Sure! We will build you one just in the middle of the street! Just let it all be natural...píškovištěOr want to give your child a chance to ride a kayak? Sure! Give me 5 dollars and I will pull him around our great lake for 5 minutes...bazenekStill not enough? Want to get even closer to the real wild life? Then visit our ZOO! Our animals are very friendly (they just bite you from time to time) and they don't feel stressed or frightened at all! Why should they when their run is so huge! I am really happy they have enough space to live...zviřátka And the last but not least was this amazing attraction. And now seriously - I really appreciate that! It remains me of my childhood when we visited some festival with my family and there was the bull riding machine! This was almost the same more Anchorage way. That time I gave it a try. This time I didn't dare to.attraction

All in all the festival was very nice. And with all its nice attitude, Anchorage is getting into my heart more and more.


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June 18, 2016

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