Up the Hill for 5 Hours

Another day off and another beautiful hike!

Matanuska Peak Trail

Couchsurfing rules again. This time we met Airic. And today he showed us a nice trail going up to the Matanuska Peak. You might remember me talking about Matanuska Glacier. Although the names are the same, Matanuska Peak is located more in the South than Matanuska Glacier and much closer to Anchorage.

Through the bushes to the incredible views

The trail starts crossing a horse trail and heading straightaway up to the first hill. This takes you to the stop by a river. From this point you have to get through the bushes. All in all it takes over 2 hours but once you overcome it you will be rewarded with picturesque views.But no rest, because there is still a long way to go to the top!over-there

Smelling, smelling...a bear!

This part was especially beautiful. Walking through the grass, no trees which would surround you and block your views. Only few bushes with blueberries to refill your energy. Once we were passing one bigger bush, a special smell hit our noses. "Oh yea, that's most likely a grizzly bear," said Airic with a totally calm face. "He must have passed here just couple of hours ago." Well, alright... Flats, grass all around us, nowhere to hide and a grizzly bear somewhere close...However, going further we didn't find any more tracks so we just let it go. And the trail was getting steeper and steeper so we had another thought on our minds!still-going-up

still-still-going-upHidden peak

Although the wearher during the day was super beautiful, the peak hid itself into white clouds. It was getting colder and windy. And the idea of climbing there and not seeing actually anything just convinced us to turn back under the very peak. But as you can see, we were pretty high anyway. And a hero picture from the top was a need!crazy-people-on-the-top

Running down

Our way back was much faster. I expected it to be but not that much. It took us twice as little time as the way there. We all had a walking stick so even running downhill was possible and it was much more convenient.beautiful-viewMy time in Alaska is coming to the end. Therefore this might be my last long hike. If so, I am very happy I had a chance to do it right on this place.


August 18, 2016

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