Sailing on a Lake

How to sail a lake step by step

STEP 1: Find a brave crew

When you are planning to do great things, you need great people around you.eklutnalOk, that sounds like a super wise sentence from "How to set up a business". Let's say that if you want to sail a lake, the people don't have to be that great. They don't have to be super clever, super strong or super nice. You even don't need to know them for more than couple of minutes. But they need to be brave enough to go a board one ship with you. That's all you need. As you can see not everyone will be willing to go since the very first moment but after little persuasion (and bribery), your crew is completed.

STEP 2: Find a lake

People are nice to have, however, you need a common goal - in this case lake. How about.... Eklutna Lake? Sounds nice, let's go!eeeEklutna Lake is a glacial lake 45 minutes North from Anchorage. It is the City of Anchorage's Reservoir, which means you are not to use motorboats. It is around 12 miles long with couple of trails all around. Apart from hiking, biking and watching there are couple of other activities you can do - for example kayaking! And here we come to Step 3.

STEP 3: Find a boat

In couple of guidebooks or Internet sources you can read that Eklutna Lake is a perfect place for kayaking. It costs usually around 40 dollars per hour to rent one. But.... although it goes against all my beliefs... sometimes it is good to come unprepared. We came just for a short walk and to have a look a little, relax, not to do much. So kayaking was faar faar beyond our thinking. But...then we found a boat! One lonely boat with.... paddles! Congratulations Bara to this incredible discovery! I think at that time we all appreciated your curiousness, that you approached to boat and raised it up without any hesitations.

STEP 4: Examine the water

ekkYou never know how deep or cold the water is... What lives inside... If it's not too much polluted. And that's something which needs to be examied before you start sailing. You can't afford to risk either your boat or your crew. At least not the whole crew. But sacrifice one person sounds like a good idea...She looks as if she will survive...

 No need to describe other steps. Once you have a crew, lake and a boat, everything goes pretty smoothly.eklutna2-horzThe only thing we need to improve is landing and getting off...eeklutnaSo don't be afraid to try! You never know what you can find! All that experience was great and for free (only with some wet shoes)! We returned the boat without any harm - back to the owner or other adventurers like us!


July 25, 2016

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