We found the sea!

City surrounded by mountains from one side and sea from the other - that's what is Anchorage like. We already have been in the mountains for couple of times so now there comes the time for the sea!

How to approach it?

Although it might sound like a trvial question, it showed to be much more difficult than it appears. We can see the sea. We go along it every day to work. Even the trail, which we use, is called Coastal Trail. But between us and the sea there is quite a wide belt of mud flats and it may be eve dangerous to try to approach the sea like this. So how to get there??moříčko

Point Woronzof

That's the name of the solution! We tried to search on the Internet a little and found the directions to the beach. It took around 30 - 45 minutes to get there on our bikes but we picked really a nice and sunny day so we didn't mind. We were just sitting and talking for an hour or two and it was one of the nicest moments so far, we really enjoyed ourselves :)So even if there is lots to do and you are busy, I believe you should be able to find time to relax and for your friends. That's what is worth doing, it enriches you and them and you move your relationship to another level - just by these small simple moments like this one.


July 19, 2016

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