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November 2012 through November 2014. Two years that have changed everything. In those two years, Magdalena lived through things that many won’t experience in their entire lives.

In the first year of her adventures, Magdalena left for Canada for a Working Holiday, and the second year just somewhat happened. She desired to stay in the land of ice hockey and national parks. As a result, she applied to a university in the province of British Columbia to top-up her master’s degree from the Czech Republic in the field of Marketing and Public Relations.Simple and spontaneousMagdalena didn’t give it much thought whether or not to move across the big pond. “It was a simple and a spontaneous decision,” she says. “I was sitting on the plane and all I had was money for the first few weeks and a visa.”She had already spent half a year in Great Britain before that and travelled from one side of Europe to another, yet she didn’t want to give up travelling and wanted to try to live somewhere else instead. She was a fresh 25 year old university graduate, so there was no reason for her to get stuck in the Czech Republic and let go of something that could have possibly been her very last opportunity to travel and get out.She spent her Working Holiday in Vancouver. “The ocean, snowboarding, skiing – everything excited me about Vancouver! And in the end, there was even more to it.” Of course Vancouver is not the only Canadian destination, the programme has much more to offer.Canadian Visa lotteryIt truly isn’t a piece of cake to get a one year long Canadian Working Holiday visa. First you have to register with the Immigration office and then hope that they will draw your name from the lottery along with the other 999 lucky men. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to better start working on your karma as soon as possible because you will need your bit of luck for the pool. But what if you do give it a try and it will work out? You will hardly let this one of a lifetime opportunity go.Working Holiday is not the only option one has. Should you prefer to study in Canada instead, either at a prestigious university or a career college, then the Work and Study programme is the way to go for you. Besides studying, you also get to earn some money working as you automatically receive a work permit.You can set off for the Work and Study programme right after secondary school graduation, choose a school and work on perfecting your English language skills to the fullest. Could you possibly imagine what a professional you become after this experience upon your arrival back home?There are plenty of job opportunities in CanadaIt is solely up to you how you decide to set up your timetable as some schools offer classes every day and other only hold a few lessons a day, which gives you plenty of time to work. “Canada is very expensive as one academic year can cost some 13 000 Canadian dollars. Nevertheless, jobs are very well paid. I was working as a waitress and after every shift, I was leaving work with decent money in tips,” Magdalena explains there is nothing to worry about despite the initial costs.“I believe this programme is perfect for all enthusiastic travellers who wish to work on their future just as it is great for the not so recent graduates who do not want to give up their student lives just yet.”Czech-us will guide you through the entire process, help you find an employer, the school and will give you accommodation tips. Although Magdalena met loads of Czechs in Canada, she admits she didn’t spend much time with them, except for her best friend who she had left for Canada with in the first place.Getting to Hawaii is just as easy as getting to LondonCanada will not only give you the opportunity to see its natural wonders in all its beauty but will also get you in touch with successful people from different corners of the world. “Both programmes have opened my eyes. After those two years I spent in Canada, I automatically see the world differently. I am no longer upset with public transport in Prague as it was much worse in Vancouver,” Magdalena admits, laughing.Magdalena flied back home several times during her stay in Canada just as her parents visited her there. She explored the American west coast and spent three weeks vacationing in Hawaii. “Buying a plane ticket from Vancouver to San Francisco or Hawaii is just as easy as buying a ticket from Prague to London.”Be brave and regret nothingMagdalena never regretted that she had decided to go for the Working Holiday and the Work and Study programmes in Canada, and neither was it difficult for her to leave her home in Prague. “I kept telling myself that the worst thing that could happen was that I wouldn’t like it and would fly back home. Instead, I loved it so much that after the first year in Canada, I was determined to do whatever it takes to stay for one more year!”Do you want to know more about the possibilities you have in Canada? Contact Magdalena for more information at m.tomickova@czech-us.cz
 What should you bear in mind whether you opt for the Working Holiday or the Work and Study programme?
  • Be prepared to have some cash ready for the beginning of the programme – how much depends on your personal expenses. However, upon your arrival to Canada, you have to prove to have at least 2 500 CAD in your bank account.
  • Specifically Vancouver tends to be a more expensive location than other places in Canada due to its rising popularity internationally.
  • It is highly recommended not to underestimate the initial research and make sure to book a place to live for the first few days, which can then give you enough time to look for a convenient place to live once there. Tips for good accommodation and job vacancies can be found on craigslist.ca
  • Although you have to prove your B2 level of English for the Work and Study programme, there are plenty of job opportunities for those whose English is at a lower level as part of the Working Holiday programme.
  • See cic.gc.ca for more information.

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